Using Landing Pages to Boost Social Media Conversions

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Using Landing Pages to Boost Social Media Conversions

Today we find that the internet has opened up a market far and beyond the imagination of an average shopkeeper. Yes, conventional shopping does exist but keeping step with it, in real time, is the world of online marketing. It makes one think about the intricacies of online marketing and all that it involves. Could it be so easy? No!! Even the most experienced of online stores will tell you that promoting your product online is one thing and actually getting conversions is quite another. So what dictates conversions? Is there some tried and tested formula that works?

Conversions is a termused to define results. For some online marketers, conversion may mean actual sales, for others it may be just a yardstick to tally the number of visitors to the site who actually did what was asked of them.

One of the leading methods to get conversions is to use Landing Pages. A Landing Page is where the user is taken to when the link or promo is clicked. Social media sites have lots of small images, videos etc. that online sellers use to promote their product or business. These are generally short crisp catchy images and words that generate curiosity in the reader. it makes a lot of marketing sense to use landing pages to boost conversions via social media websites. So how does one go about doing that? What are the main aspects that one needs to keep in mind?

Landing Pages on social media websites are akin to the Living room of a home. It showcases the owners perfectly. Your Landing page should showcase what you or your product are all about. It should interest the reader enough that you can get the email address of the visitor. This opens a window of a prospective conversion to sale for you later.

Landing Pages can be multiple in number where you have different offers for different types of audiences based on geographical locations, demographics etc. This will allow you to get a feel of what works and what doesn’t.  These are also called “split tests”.  Here you actually “split” what you are offering. For example, someone may not be ready for a 100% commitment to you. Give them something smaller, more manageable, something they can relate to and is not a full commitment. This way you don’t scare them off, you have garnered some goodwill by being considerate and understanding. Bamboozling people into doing what you want them to do is not going to give you conversions.

Use various methods like keeping your copy crisp and catchy. Ensure that there aren’t too many things going on at the same time else you’ll end up with a confused reader who just closes the page. You must make sure the salient features of your product are not lost in the general melee of words and things to do. Some of your landing pages could target specific audiences, say an age group or a hobby or some discussions.  All these ways serve to hold the readers interest and that in turn will help you get conversions via the social media websites.

In the end, boosting social media conversions using landing pages makes a lot of marketing sense. This way you not only ensure that the really and truly serious visitors go on to your homepage you are also on the look-out for the wannabe serious but-can’t-make-up-their-mind visitors who just need that little nudge to make the decision.

Every business consists of several tasks, jobs and endless “to-do” lists. It helps to have one place to turn to that meets all your digital marketing requirements. Ensuring that the Marketing agency has its own Creative team, In-house Editors, Freelance photographers, Content developers, Account Managers and Web designers will only lessen your stress of running from pillar to post to get things done. It is easier to shop at a departmental store and get everything all at once than individually travel from one shop to another. Having a one stop shop also increases the agency’s accountability. They provide you with all the resources and will ensure that they produce results. Having  a strong established Global network across the market is essential.

In the final analysis, it’s all about getting conversions. Landing pages on social media websites is one excellent way to do that. All you have to do is make it eye catching and filled to the brim with curious.

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