Case Studies

Since our inception we have helped over fifty customers walk up the digital ladder. Each of our clients are unique and our solutions are tailor made for their businesses. Our Case Studies will show how our services have been implemented successfully by our customers to grow their businesses.

Case Studies – PH Jewelers

PH Jewelers

Established as trusted local jewelers in the town, our client wanted to grow his business by selling 22ct  gold jewellery online.

Client Requirement

  • To engage a marketing partner who has end to end capability to build an online store.
  • To professionally photograph and present 1000 Jewellery items in an appealing manner.
  • Make the picture  content search engine friendly.
  • Quick implementation of the above requirement to take advantage of  customer demand during festival period.

Frame Ur Work’s Solution

  • Create an attractive online shopping experience for customers with ease of navigation and great content.
  • Provide Magento admin panel to make the site responsive to changes.
  • Use Frame-Ur-Work’s onsite professional photography capability to capture custom images of jewellery.
  • Edit Each image by Frame-Ur-Work’s Photoshop experts to deliver a realistic customer experience.
  • Use Frame-Ur-Work content specialists to produce a unique and SEO friendly description for each item.
  • Use Frame-Ur-Work’s web team to categorize and upload images , product data and description on to the website.


  • Client’s website went live in time for the festival period.
  • The website is already generating additional demand and has received positive customer feedback.

We are assisting the client with online marketing strategies.

Case Studies – Real Gym Preston

Real Gym Preston

As an independent gym our client competes with well known national gym brands in the same town.

Client Requirement

  • To grow gym membership by retaining existing members and by attracting new customers.
  • The gym wanted to increase online signups for trials and memberships on it's existing website.

Frame Ur Work’s Solution

  • Clearly define the Real Gym brand and it's differentiators.
  • Use content management strategy to increase traffic to the gym website.
  • Start with position real gym's content Marketing strategy around healthy eating and lifestyle.
  • Use Facebook page to engage existing members beyond their gym time.
  • Create with Trainer advice video “Tip of the Week ” by Gym Trainers  as part of video content strategy.
  • Create Facebook advertising using custom  made video advertisements targeted at Gym’s catchment.
  • Use of Google analytics and A/B testing methods to maximise return on ad investments.


  • Facebook Likes : Facebook fan base increased from 600 to 2400 during the campaign.
  • 20 fold increase in reach of the brand.
  • Positive 5 star reviews on Facebook and Website.
  • 30% increase in website visits.
  • 20% increase in membership trials and sign ups.

Case Studies –Moto Daft -MK

Moto Daft

  • The client was a brick and mortar business specializing in selling prestige pre-owned cars to the local clientele.  The client was looking to reach out to a wider audience by creating a website.

Client Goal

  • To create an attractive, easy to navigate SEO friendly website .
  • To position the client team as car experts who could be trusted with advice.

Frame Ur Work’s Solution

  • Identify Client's  requirements through a combination of interview sessions and client questionnaire.
  • To created 3-4 different style options  to help further narrow down the client preference.
  • Support Website content  to ensure it reflects client’s capability in a SEO friendly manner.
  • Provide training and handholding to client for managing new content.
  • Link the website to well established Facebook page of the business.


  • Client is now able to position the website to showcase it's expertise and inventory.
  • Positive feedback from customers of Moto Daft.

Case Studies –Shriji Sales

Shriji Sales

  • Is an online eBay and Amazon shop selling tags, labels, gun inks etc. to UK based customer.

Client Goal

  • To grow their business on eBay and attract more customers to their shop.

Frame Ur Work’s Solution

  • Frame-Ur-Work Ltd. understood the client requirements in detail.
  • Frame-Ur-Work created very attractive template for the client, which will help them to sell more products on eBay shop.
  • The template was purely customized for only Shriji Sales business.
  • We did trial run of the template few times before integrating it on the eBay listing page. We also made content management photo upload folder for client for easy upload of pictures on the template.


  • Increase in sales.
  • Customer started leaving positive review.
  • Shop attracts more customer.
  • Have increased in number of followers on eBay.

Case Studies –Dr. Neelu Test Tube Baby centre

Dr. Neelu Test Tube Baby centre
  • Is a well-known clinic in India in Punjab. Dr. Neelu Koura is specialist in IVF treatment and have treated number of patients in her clinic with positive results and great success rates.
Client Goal
  • Client wants to grow her business not only in India but also in other parts of the world for e.g. Toronto, Surrey etc. in Canada.
Frame Ur Work’s Solution
  • Frame-Ur-Work understood the client requirement in detail and worked towards achieving their goal.
  • Frame-Ur-Work made SEO compatible website for client where customer can set appointment on website itself making it easy for client and customer to set up a meeting.
  • Frame-Ur-Work also created a Facebook Business page for client and managed the content creation and posting on Facebook allowing potential customer to get confident about client’s practice and success rate.
  • We recommended produced unique strategy for client On-page and Off- Page SEO website optimization.
  • Writing unique articles and blogs related to her profession and submitting to right sites for getting clients page on Google Ranking.
  • With the help of Google AdWords, we promoted the website to clients in Canada who would like to take the treatment in India.
  • Increase in enquiry from India as well as from abroad.
  • Awareness of the Doctor in the home country as well as to the outside world.
  • More patients in less period of time.
  • Increase in client creditability.
  • Getting more traffic towards website, which helped us to understand the right clienteleto which doctor can promote her services to.

Case Studies –Georgie Porgy (

Georgie Porgy
  • Is an online business selling kids toys and furniture.
Client Goal
  • To make their website SEO compatible.
Frame Ur Work’s Solution
  • Firstly, we viewed the overall website in detail and studied for bugs and errors.
  • Website Audit report was prepared followed by keyword research report as per client’s requirements.
  • We researched which keywords user preferred while searching products (Different Toys).
  • We worked on the latest on page and off page techniques based on the peculiar requirements of Georgie Porgy Website.
  • The website stood out in the market at top position on search engines from millions of websites.
  • Once SEO compatible, the site increased traffic and that increased the credibility of website than ever before.
  • The brand awareness was increased which helped to beat the competitors.
  • Better the ROI (Return on investment)

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