Digital Marketing Trends 2017

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Digital marketing has taken the world of marketing by the scruff of its neck and given it a good solid shake up. And that, in a nutshell, about sums up marketing as we know it today. Think about it… when the marketing gurus were writing their books, on what they perceived as marketing back in their day, did they ever think it would come to a point when marketing happened from the comfort of the couch?

So now, 17 years and counting into the 21st century, digital marketing 2017 is up to speed with the current marketing scene.

Marketing Trends for 2017 include:

  1. Visual captures where the audience is drawn to live video content. Content that is not too long not too short, and consumer can connect with it instantly.
  2. Data collection: the rule of the cyber-land as this is where consumer preferences get highlighted. Your analysis will be based on predictions using collected consumer characteristic behaviour across a cross-section of products.
  3. Using the above, content can now be engineered to appeal to a niche vertical strata of consumers which will help increase global exposure.

As with marketing trends, Advertising trends 2017 too have found a space where they work best, although they may not always be positive in their results. These trends will work well for those who get a foot in the door at the start. Those who dilly-dally or procrastinate are in danger of losing the edge over their competitors.

  1. Online advertising, needless to say, has a definite edge over regular print media advertising. The reasons are obvious. But going online, one should maintain a certain dignity in approach. Bombarding every available social media platform with your ad whether or not it has any connection with the page you are on, has more of a negative impact than a positive outcome. Subtle is in.
  2. Paid entertainment online is another trend on the upswing. This is fast pushing out cable and TV as we know it. The same applies to the ubiquitous radio.
  3. As the race to garner more consumers ups its ante, free content is slowly going to go downhill.

Digital trends 2017 are here to stay. They are the ones that are going to dictate consumer behaviour and advertising performance for some time. Consumers are becoming fickle as they are continuously changing their preference and purchasing behaviour. Data analysis has now become a constant job-on-the-go, due to this scenario. Data analytics have shown the business world a new avenue in the world of marketing.

Digital advertising trend of 2017 has taken on a definitive and structured approach.

Programmatic advertising is fast finding its feet. This basically means that now media buying decisions will be done through the use of data and automated systems and this eliminates the need for human involvement. It can be defined as “algorithmic sale and purchase of advertising space in real time”. This is proving itself to be a precise method where advertisers can promote their business cost effectively.

Outstream videos is yet another trend that is slowly but surely picking up the pace. Outstream videos are ad formats where publishers can play their video in text line breaks or on the corner of the webpage etc. without disturbing the visitors work and yet making its own presence seen.

In a negative avatar, ad blockers are trending because they are blocking advertisers from flooding the page with ads. So now businesses are being forced to reckon with a scene where they make ads that are relevant to the page. Some websites and apps are using the situation to earn as they now ask the customer or client to pay for an ad free experience.

The second impact is the paradigm shift to mobile phones. Now agencies dealing with digital advertising have to modify their ads not only so they can be viewed on the phone first, but it also has to be compatible over other types of devices.

All in all, one can see that Digital trends, and Marketing and Advertising trends are a dynamic trio where the consumer dictates the scene simply by being his/her own selective self.

Welcome to the world of online everything!!

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