Online Retail and a Strong SEO Strategy

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Online Retail and a Strong SEO Strategy


Have you ever noticed that when you “google” you get pages and pages of results? Do you ever stop to think why some companies and results are on the first page in the first ten? What makes these companies come up on the first page? Why are the others so far behind that they may not get clicked on ever!  Well! The reason for this is Search Engine Optimization.

First off, let’s look at a thumbnail description of how search engines work.

Search engines use a program called the “Web Crawler”. Imagine a megacity with a complicated subway/metro/tube transportation system. Each station or stop is one webpage or document. They are all connected via links. The links are used to travel between pages. The Web Crawler uses these links to put together its own indexing system using algorithms. Algorithms are nothing but mathematical equations that use hundreds of variables and come up with what we see as “results to our query”. Search engines use these algorithms to put up results based on relevance and popularity of the query word or words. Relevance and popularity are deciphered by the search engine using a variety of ranking factors.


Having said that, now let’s discuss why Online Retailers need strong SEO Strategies to make their business successful. Like we said, search engines have algorithms to help send up results to any query. For your business to be in the “limelight” so to speak, your SEO strategy must be dynamic, changing with the changing technology of the Search engines.

Strategy 1

You are an online retailor and you have products that you feel are better than any others. When you write your copy or content for your website, it must contain Keywords that highlight your product. The more keyword intensive your page the better your chances of being “discovered” by the search engine. Keywords are used by websites to push target traffic to their site. Another way of using the keyword option is to use a 2-5 word long tail keyword. It has been noticed that competition is lesser for slightly long phrases.

Strategy 2

Words that are reflected in the title of a page are called Meta Tags. Page titles are viewed as a signal for relevance and keywords or meta tags in your title will ensure you get picked up in a search result.

Strategy 3

Content speaks volumes. Your content shows that you are an authority in your niche. It integrates and educates the user in ensuring that the overall experience is a positive result oriented one.

Strategy 4

Now let’s look at backlinks which are the second most important after content any SEO strategy. Backlinks are built when there is a tie-up with other blogs or companies in such a way that they get traffic to their site and you get a backlink from their website to your own. If your site is built well then you will be able to create backlinks whenever anyone talks about your product. Graphics and attention grabbing content is one way to influence people to link your content to their page or blog etc.

Strategy 5

Social media is your next strategy. Algorithms have undergone dynamic changes in the world of search engine. Community based content and websites have gone so far as to use a voting system to boost their online presence. Letting users vote for the website adds to the popularity factor of the site. This sends signals to the search engines that here is a website that has authority and influence. This whole process in turn leads to front page results.  So, ensure that your social media presence online is very strong.

Strategy 6

If words play a big role in driving traffic then images are not far behind, if not a tad ahead. A prospective client will not only look at the query word but also look for images and the results that can throw up both are the ones that will get traffic to them.

In conclusion…

You are in the business of running a business. It takes a lot of effort to keep one step ahead of your competition and you know that there is a lot of competition out there. Every business consists of several tasks, jobs and endless “to-do” lists. It helps to have one place to turn to that meets all your digital marketing requirements. Ensuring that the Marketing agency has its own Creative team, In-house Editors, free-lance photographers, Content developers, Account Managers and Web designers will only lessen your stress of running from pillar to post to get things done. They provide you with all the resources and will ensure that they produce results. Having a strong established Global network across the market is essential.

Marketing in wrong hands can be perceived as an expense not an investment. If you want to Invest wisely you should look for agencies who firmly believe in Results Based Marketing.

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