Facebook Ads and Small Businesses

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Facebook Ads and Small Businesses

In the big bad world of business, small businesses find it difficult to keep pace with their bigger stronger brethren. Unlike the big player’s, small businesses have limited resources, limited budgets and limited manpower to work with. They have a long climb up to the top. But with social media marketing coming of age and proving itself time and again as an effective platform for marketing, small businesses have a chance to keep themselves in the field.

Let’s see then how a small business can boost their revenue with Facebook ads. Facebook is the number one social media site that everyone is hooked on to. So, Facebook ads make a lot of business sense because the traffic you get there cannot be compared to any other site to date. Having said that, what should small businesses do to make traffic see them, click on their ads, check out what they are offering and maybe get some conversions.

Before you get in to the nitty gritty details of “how to”, small businesses need to remember that marketing in the wrong hands can be perceived as an expense not an investment. If you want to Invest wisely you should look for agencies who firmly believe in Results Based Marketing. This type of Marketing is based on the company’s willingness to share risk with their clients. Sharing this kind of risk only demonstrates the effort made to understand the client’s business and building mutual trust over a longer period.

Now let’s see what you, as a small business, needs to know to make your Facebook ads an effective tool to boost your business.

Number 1

Personality speaks. Give your company a personality of its own. Don’t go with the general melee. Make your presence felt by creating a post that sparks an interest and co-relate it with your product so the reader feels almost compelled to click on it to see what else is there.  Lure them with your post and watch the conversion rate grow and increase your revenue, which is what business is all about, right!

Number 2

Images capture interest. So, make your post an image which speaks and has content to complement it. The online ad is akin to a resume, in a manner of speaking, so make it work for you.

Number 3

No hidden agenda. One thing that can really put off potential conversions is when you say something and reality is something else. Be open about your price structure and products.

Number 4

Make your post interactive. Make readers want to leave a comment. The best way to create this kind of atmosphere is by using topics that are in the news and headlines. Put forth questions that can spark off a discussion with many people wanting to contribute their two cents worth.  You have a wide range of topics you can use. All you need is a creative bent of mind and some imagination.

Facebooks ads need constant updating because the sheer numbers on the site mean that your post will get buried under a virtual snowfall of other posts. Everyone has something to say so you need to keep up with the posting.  A good idea would be to get some help from people who are in the know about this kind of marketing. You, as a small business owner have enough to do. A small investment in social media marketing will ensure you get a bang for your buck.

Every business needs a different type of marketing plan. It is different plan for a large business and a different one for small businesses. It makes business sense to look for companies that specialize in small businesses. Large Marketing agencies tend to go with a “One Size Fits All” approach.  For small businesses looking to grow, a more specialized approach is required. A Small Business Specialist will not only look at building the brand of the company but also ensure that the money is invested wisely.

Choose the marketing agency that best suits your business. Small Business specialists will understand your need to growBusinesses with growth aspirations will need a strong digital frontier to remain competitive. Developing your brand and making it known is a very important aspect of every business large or small.

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